Art, Architecture, and Life

Art, Architecture, and Life

I need to express my gratitude to my mentor and lifelong friend, Jim Musselman.  Jim was my high school art teacher, and has remained a friend through the years (almost 50 years so far).  This April, Jim will be 97 years young.  His spirit and wit has helped form me into who I am today.  Not through teaching Art, but through teaching Life.  “The difference between success and failure is a four letter word, WORK.”  This ethic has stayed true to form in my life. 

I remember spending countless hours under Jim’s watchful and caring eye.  His encouragement always stretched me to a higher goal, forcing me outside my comfort zone.  His classroom was full of energy and community.  Many of the people in that community were influenced  and encouraged to reach beyond where we thought we could achieve.

Some of the things we learned from art are balance, texture, composition and relationships.  These elements hold true in architecture as well.  When we see a painting that has balance, texture, composition and relationship, we find it pleasing to our eye.  We envision ourselves swept into the realm of the image.  How true of Architecture as well.  The functionality of a building dictated by these same elements draws you into it, makes you feel comfortable and has flowing spaces, acting just like a great painting, tickling the senses with a sort of awe.

I believe that is what has kept me close to these elements in my life.  Art and Architecture complement each other in a way like none other.  The natural beauty of the world around us, captured by art, is complimented by the structures we place them in and around.  They work effortlessly together to enhance our lives.  We invest in the creativity of others, through buildings and art.  I cannot imagine a life without them both.

Reading this entry, I hope it inspires you to a higher calling of selflessness in life.  Invest in others, without any expectation in return.  Help them to find balance and composition in life.  Mentoring and friendship will never return empty.   That person may turn out to be one of the greatest assets in your life. 

Thanks Jim, for investing in my life.