A hidden GEM.  The best kept SECRET.  Best thing since SLICED BREAD.  No matter what phrase you can come up, CSI is the best organization in the construction industry.  What other organization offers the diversity of membership (look-I am a member), a diversity that offers access to the best minds across the board (look-I am a member).  You get to meet and pick the brains of these people (look-I am a member).  Why join?  I ask WHY NOT?  You cannot afford to not join.  It is a valuable INVESTMENT in your future.  If you are serious about your career, you NEED to belong!

Join CSI online between Wednesday, June 13, and Wednesday, June 20, and pay only $192 — a 20% savings — for your membership. Use promo code “12spring20” when you join at www.csinet.org/joincsi.This promotion is only available to new members joining at the professional level. Chapter dues are not included in this promotion. To join:

  1. Visit www.csinet.org/join
  2. Select “Join Now”, and then click “Sign Up as a New Member”
  3. Enter Promotion Code 12spring20 when prompted
  4. Click the “Add Discount” button


Questions? Ask me, I am a member! 


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